Featuring our guest experts

John Stuart Reid

The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound

Don Tolman

Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians & White Stone Carillon Crystal Bowls

Sharry Edwards

BioAcoustic Biology and nanoVoice Profiling

Dr Jeffrey Thompson

Bio-tuning and the Default Network Mode Entrainment system

Silvia Nakkach

Yoga of the Voice

Rich Merrick

Harmonic Interference

Mandara Cromwell


Brian T Collins

Celestial Music, 432Hz, and the natural spiral

Chloe Goodchild

The Naked Voice

Jill Mattson

How our Ancestors Used Sound and the Voice

Dr Thornton Streeter

Bio-field Studies and the Biofield Viewer

Genevra Jolie

Alchemy Crystal Tones singing bowls

Simon Heather

The College of Sound Healing


Sound Journey

Susan Hale

Sing for the Trees


The Sound of the Soul

James D'Angelo

The Yoga of Vocal Sound

Tobias Kaye

Sounding Bowls

Meaghan Maria MorningStar

Shamanic Song Keys from EGYPT

Jenni Roditi

Vocal Tai Chi

Eric Rankin

Sonic Geometry

Derrick Scott van Heerden

Mathemagical Music and Scales


YES I want to learn how to use sound and the voice to empower my life.

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Transformational Sound Therapy, How to Use Sound and The Voice to Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind and Empower Your Life.

The first online summit of its kind, this unique, colloquium of 21 leading researchers and pioneers in sound and voice therapy, piece together a puzzle that, for thousands of years, had been widely understood.

Across time and continents, through song, dance and prayer, our ancestors communed, utilising sound and the voice to connect to the Divine, to transcend, transform and manifest their reality.

Today, we've forgotten our ancient songs and sacred ceremonies. Fuelled by processed food, toxic pills and empty distractions; our rituals and healing practises have been replaced with a segregated, push-button, digitalised reality.

Yet despite endless promises, our health has never been more compromised. Our happiness, never more challenged. Our earth, never more endangered.

What if there was a better way?

A simple, natural way to reclaim well-being and self-empowerment, enabling a fulfilled, and joyful life, aligned with our deepest truth.

Weaving ancient practises, with modern technologies, our expert speakers share deep knowledge of our ancestors wisdom, who mapped the stars, built geometrical, resonant temples and stone circles, aligned with the Earth and the Cosmos, where their sounds and voices facilitated self-healing and thriving communities.

Mirroring macrocosm to microcosm, discover how reconnecting with our Divine Source and reclaiming our unsung song, can enable the body to retune itself to its optimum vibration, where, in our natural harmonic state, we may, once again, rejoin the heavenly choir of life.

YES I want to learn how to use sound and the voice to empower my life.

Places are limited sign up today