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Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

​Bio-tuning & the Default Mode Network Entrainment System

A wealth of wisdom on neuroacoustics, binaural beats and the new neurophysiology tool, a highly evolved meditation practise to synchronise the four hemispheres of the brain, inducing harmony within… helping autism, ADHD, depression, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s. Retune and reconnect your brain’s power for healing & achieving your full potential.

We apologise for the sound quality on this video which is not the best, but there was a problem with the microphone which we were unable to fix.  Please focus on the interview content as best you can, as it is priceless! 

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Dr. Jeffrey Thompson shares his wealth of wisdom of bio-tuning, neuroacoustics, binaural beats and his new Default Mode Network entrainment system, a new and highly evolved meditation practise that is the first of its kind to synchronise the four hemispheres of the brain, taking you to places you didn’t even know existed. One of the most intelligent men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, tune in to Dr Jeffreys interview! You heard it here first!


Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., a Physician, Scientist, Educator, Musician, Composer, Author, Visionary and truly the Einstein of Sound™.

He is Founder/Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in California, a world-class Center for cutting-edge research into the effects of sound in healing and consciousness. His pleasant, non-invasive, holistic modality – Bio-Tuning® – is a global tri-body healing, personal transformation, and awakening consciousness force, unlike anything else. His vibro-acoustic sound chair and table delivery systems and 90+ audio programs on CDs or as downloads are used and sold globally, healing and transforming lives wherever used.

His latest release “Beyond™” is another first of its kind. It offers significant help to re-balance the Default Mode Network within the brain for those who have had concussions; head injuries; physical, emotional or mental trauma; who suffer from PTSD, clinical depression and/or anxiety, and other disturbing conditions. The re-synchronization of the Default Mode Network may also be prophylactic protection from Alzheimer, Parkinson, and other deep-seated brain conditions. This is a very special, beautifully composed and gently powerful Musical Soundscape that will do what Dr Thompson’s work does so well and that is to save lives and transform lives. Making this Audio Program available on a wide basis, it may well become a subtle but definite force for transformation of societal consciousness. It is an Audio Program needed by EVERY man, woman and child!

A brilliant and lively instructor, Dr Thompson has taught college courses and then post-graduate courses, where he was a faculty member for many years.. He continues to teach Holistic techniques to interested professionals and non-professionals. He especially enjoys teaching his phenomenal Bio-Tuning® Modality, a most holistic approach to healing and wellness available. Bio-Tuning is a scientifically-based approach to sound healing which can be taught and shared with interested parties. He continues to lecture widely on the use and benefits of scientific sound as a healing, personally transforming, centering power. His work is used in research and in clinical programs in universities, hospitals, clinics, spas; and by individuals and businesses on a worldwide basis for healing purposes, personal growth and fulfillment, mega-learning, peak performance, meditation and ecstatic states of consciousness.

His motto of ~~ Healing the Body * Heart * Mind and Spirit through the Scientific Application of Sound ~~ is fulfilled daily as Lives are changed and Lives are saved.

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