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Thank you for joining us on this epic journey of transformation through sound and the voice. I want to ask you to be deeply grateful for giving this amazing gift to yourself!

Im so happy you are here and know you are going to gain so much from immersing yourself in the wealth of wisdom found within the interviews in this groundbreaking summit!

After absorbing this knowledge you will see life with new eyes – you will reconnect with yourself, and with the natural world in new and unseen ways, restoring harmony, health and well being in every area of your life

The wisdom in our summit interviews will provide you with AHA moments, new practises, tips and techniques to empower and transform your life for years to come.


But… What you may not know, is that I will be interviewing more speakers and bonus content as time goes by…

You see, we spent a year developing the new summit to be a platform that will evolve and grow… with new research and science …

So as new developments happen in the worlds of therapeutic sound and voice, we will be right here, keeping you up to date, interviewing the speakers who are bringing new cutting edge knowledge and research forward.

Alongside new speakers interviews and research, new resources and materials will be added to the Lifetime Access Pass members area, as and when appropriate – everything from Ultimate Guides to musical pieces, soundscapes, PDFs, meditations, course modules, and more…

Plus… as a member of the Lifetime Access Pass area, you get unlimited streaming of all the interviews for life, plus downloadable audio files of the interviews, plus access to the private members group on Facebook, as well as intermittent live calls with yours truly, answering Q+A’s on summit topics and more..


You will also find bonuses from selected speakers in the LAP area, that were not available in the free summit. These include:

  • David Schiermeyer – Compilation video of cymatics experiments. Edited by Peta Morton
  • Michiko Hayashi: The Message From Water – Free books for children translated in 30 different languages by Dr Masaru Emoto
  • Daniel Brower: Healing frequencies with crystal singing bowls to help you return to your health and well-being.
  • Ani Williams: Two Mp3 tracks of Songaia Sound tones: Music with Egyptian Temple Scales
  • Suzanne Sterling: Soul-on-fire music
  • White Eagle: 10 Messages from Your Soul: Learn how easy it easy to live from your soul purpose by listening to the daily messages coming from deep within.
  • Susan Alexjandre -PORTAL – Nine minute sound piece of an imagined journey of two black holes, merging into one, finally becoming white holes of illumination.
  • Githa Ben David – The Note from Heaven. Free Music.

and more to come…


And remember, as a Lifetime Access Pass member, whenever a new speaker or bonus content is added, it will be at no extra charge to you!


As a recap of what’s inside the summit:


Day 1 speakers:

explore Universal Harmony, including sonic geometry, the golden spiral, found throughout nature and in music, and healing frequencies, including 432Hz.

Day 2 speakers:

delve into shamanic and Indigenous wisdom, the importance of connecting with nature and how we can help to heal ourselves and the world by doing so. 

Day 3 speakers:

explore ancient practises using sound, from stone circles to sacred temples, interwoven with modern methods and cutting edge technologies in the exciting field of sound therapy.

Day 4 speakers:

explore ancient vocal practises across the world, from toning and chanting, to modern methods of assessing frequencies within the voice to discover and assess physical ailments. We learn how our full presence, our posture, our stance, and being aware of every word we sung or utter, is critical to remaining in our optimum state.


Who knows who else might join us?!

I have 3 very special guests lined up already!

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It doesn’t get much better than that!


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