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Thank you for joining us on this transformational journey through sound and the voice. I want to remind you to be deeply grateful to YOU for giving this amazing gift to yourself!

Im so happy you are here and know you are going to gain so much from immersing in the wealth of wisdom within the interviews in this groundbreaking summit!

You will see life with new eyes – you will connect more deeply with yourself and with the world of nature in new, unseen ways, restoring harmony, health and well being to every area of your life

You will have AHA moments, while learning new methods, practises, tips and techniques that will empower and transform your life.

I will be interviewing more speakers as time goes by…

As new developments happen in the worlds of therapeutic sound and the voice, we will be here, keeping you up to date, interviewing guests who are bringing new knowledge and cutting edge research forward.

As well as new interviews, new materials will be added to the members area – from PDFs, to music, soundscapes, meditations, course modules, and more…

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A recap of what’s inside:


explore Divine Sound and Universal Harmony, through sonic geometry, the golden spiral, found throughout nature and in music, and healing frequencies, including 432Hz.


delve into shamanic and Indigenous wisdom, the importance of connecting with nature and how we can help to heal ourselves and the world by doing so. 


explore ancient practises using sound, from stone circles to sacred temples, interwoven with modern science and cutting edge technologies in the exciting field of sound therapy, bio-resonance, Rife frequencies, Tesla, bioenergetics, light and so much more.


explore ancient vocal practises across the world, from toning, chanting and overtoning, to modern methods of assessing frequencies within the voice to discover and assess physical ailments. We learn how our full presence, our posture, our stance, and being aware of every word we sung or utter, is critical to remaining in our optimum state.

May you rise in sound and celebrate your life in optimum resonance! 

Sonic Blessings

Jen Wilson

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