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Our PIONEERING speakers reveal how YOU CAN:

  • Gain control over your mind using sacred sound and ancient vocal practises
  • Enhance your health with harmonic frequencies and cutting edge sound technology
  • Reclaim your inner voice and align with your Divine purpose


In this evolutionary time for humanity, do you sometimes struggle with uncertainty, anxiety, trauma, or any emotional or physical challenges?

Would you like to learn simple, natural ways to regain your calm, reclaim your inner power, improve your well-being, ignite your passion and enhance your feelings of peace, harmony and fulfilment in your life? 

Then you are in the right place! 

A new model of health views people as vibrational beings, where consciousness plays an integral part in our health and well-being.  An increasing number of discoveries in the field of neuroscience and biology reveal that our vibration does indeed affect our reality.

But what does this mean?

Our ancestors knew our thoughts create reality, and intentionally used prayer, song, chant, mindful ritual and ceremony to remain interconnected in the physical, mental, social & spiritual dimensions, for the well-being of all.

In this unique 14+ day online event, over 26 pioneering speakers delve deeply into the mysteries of our harmonically resonant Universe, and explore why staying connected with the natural world is inextricably linked with our health and well-being.

Weaving our ancestors sacred sound and vocal practises, with modern cutting-edge science and technology, we discover myriads of ways we can use sound and our voice to control our mind, restore inner harmony and health, retune to our optimal frequency and remember our Divine purpose here on Earth.

What’s the Transformation?

Scientific studies have shown harmonic sound, frequency and our own voice is beneficial for:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety and Pain  management
  • Neurological disorders, such as PTSD, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis and epilepsy


  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Addiction
  • Viruses
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimers
  • Parkinsons
  • Concentration and memory

"All creation tends toward harmony" Mitchell Gaynor

Our natural state is Harmony

Harmony is Health ~ Harmony is Love


Join us on this magical journey as we immerse in a wealth of empowering wisdom and

practical knowledge in the fascinating worlds of sound and voice therapy.

“A fantastic resource. Your guests are amazing and I love how you moderate”

Sam K.

“These interviews have truly transformed my life”

David S.

“Deep gratitude for your offering of this phenomenal summit”

Elaine S.

Congratulations! This is a great service that you have done for us all!

Andrew H.

Our Speakers

Don Estes

Sensory Resonance

Neuro-technology to synchronize the major sensory mechanisms and reset the Autonomic Nervous System into coherence and resonance

Don Conreaux


Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance, Gong Therapy ~ the power, magic, art and science of Gong and Gong Consciousness

Casey Attebery

Cymatics & Beyond

Cymatics imaging in A/V sensory spaces. Harmony, Bio-metrics, brainwave entrainment & heartbeat monitoring.

Lyz Cooper

An Interview with Lyz Cooper

Sound and music as a therapeutic tool. 'Sonic vitamins' for beneficial psychological states

Chung Fu

Divine Sound

Divine Essence, Universal Harmony, Music of the Spheres, Sound and Light, the Soul Song and more

John White

Rife Frequency Healing

Energy and scalar resonance healing. Biofeedback and PEMF therapy.

Nestor Kornblum

Overtone Singing: Sounding the Mathematics of Creation

Overtone Singing and Harmonic Ratios for restoring balance and coherence

Clive de Carle

Tesla and healing frequencies

Vintage Tesla high-frequency devices. Restoring health naturally

Randy Masters

Universal Song

Healing frequencies, sacred harmonic relationships and geometry in nature

David Schiermeyer

LIFE: Life Living information of Functional Energy

Sound, frequency, light and vibration. Cymatics reveal how we create our reality

Michiko Hayashi

Emoto Peace Project

Water has consciousness and memory. Raising our vibration, brings harmony and peace to the world

Jill Mattson

How Our Ancestors Used Sacred Sound and the Voice

Secrets of acoustics and geometry within our stone circles and sacred temples

Don Tolman

Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians & White Stone Carillon Crystal Bowls

Ancient wisdom, Egyptian knowledge and crystal sound - a path to health

Adam ‘Yellowbird’ De’Armon

International Centre of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom

Indigenous sound as a conduit from the spiritual to the material world

Anthea Durand

Shamanism and Evolving Consciousness

Clearing ancestral wounding using Indigenous ritual and modern wisdom

Susan Alexjander

Macro/microcosmic Music, from DNA to black holes

Harmonic soundscapes from nature, the world around, and within us

White Eagle Medicine Woman

​Grandmother Drum

The rhythm of life - the heartbeat of creation - is calling you home

Mandara Cromwell


Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device: De-stress and harmonise the cells for health

Gary Ferguson

Pathways for Veterans

Binaural beats and music therapy: Successful treatment for PTSD

Maestro Satya Brat

International Academy of Sound Healing

Chakras, singing bowls and meditation. Aum and the Vedas. We ARE sound

Tobias Kaye

​Sounding Bowls

Fibonacci overtones: to help disabilities, dementia, blood pressure and heart rate

John Stuart Reid

The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound

Biology and Cymatics, holographic sound and singing for DNA healing

Sharry Edwards

Bio-Acoustic Biology and nanoVoice Profiling

Frequency attunement, holographic health and the authentic voice

Silvia Nakkach

Yoga of the Voice

Ragas of light. Liberate the voice with the art of making tone. The sound of Divinity

James D’Angelo

​The Yoga of Vocal Sound

Toning vowel sounds to retune chakras and organs, restore health and well-being

Bonuses from our Speakers

When you sign up, you may also get the following bonuses from our speakers (subject to availability).

Susan Alexjander

PORTAL - A musical journey of two black holes merging into one, becoming white holes of illumination.

Sharry Edwards

New Research: 5G + Bio Acoustic Biology 

Frequencys for Defense CD with Jill Mattson

Michiko Hayashi

Free books for children translated in to 30 different languages by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Brilliant. Stunning.

You are a genius and a Master of ceremonies. You have created a jewel that will go on shining ... and will ring out across time

Lawrence Bloom, Be Earth Foundation

What will I learn in this
Transformational Sound Therapy CONFERENCE?


How to Use Ancestral Practises to Empower Your Life

How and why our ancestors used sacred sound and their voices within stone circles and ancient monuments, to attain altered states, to enhance, heal and transform their lives.


How to Live a Healthier Life Using Therapeutic Sound

  • why making sound in, and with nature, is therapeutic and critical for our well-being
  • how our frequency impacts our health
  • why harmonic sound is the medicine of the future

How the Healing Power of the Voice Can Transform Your Life from Within

    • how our voice can empower our life
    • how we can use our voice to be more authentic and fully present 
    • why we need to learn to make ‘sound’
    • how and why to tone
    • the Yoga of Vocal Sound
    • how replacing missing frequencies in the voice can restore our health
    • how to access our vulnerable, naked voice
    • why song lines are revered
    • why singing is the best medicine
    • how our songs reach the stars 

    How a Universal Harmony Resonates Throughout the Living World and Affects Your Daily Life

    • sonic geometry
    • the Platonic solids
    • the Golden spiral
    • the Fibonacci series
    • harmonic numbers
    • Cymatics – sound made visible 
    • the spiral in music
    • 432Hz and other healing frequencies
    • standing waves
    • the Law of Attraction

    Cutting-Edge Science And Technology That Will Change Your Life


    • the latest discoveries on the CymaScope, where sound is made visible
    • the benefits of Cymatherapy
    • properties and benefits of crystal sound
    • frequencies for chronic diseases, viruses, well-being and healing
    • binaural beats and neuro-acoustics
    • the Default Mode Network

    A great achievement!

    Thank you for initiating this essential project, awakening hearts and minds to Self Remembrance through sound.

    Chloe Goodchild /

    Thanks Jen

    Blessings to you for this wonderful summit. You have done a really beautiful job.

    Your success shows that many people are hungry for this knowledge.


    John Stuart Reid // Summit speaker

    A healing journey

    Thanks Jen Wilson for bringing this brilliant summit together.
    It is a healing journey

    Susan Hale


    A Unique Gathering of Pioneers, Researchers and Trailblazers

    Weaving ancient practises with modern science and technology, our speakers guide us to re-member ~ who we are, and what we have lost, as we explore simple ways to restore harmony, health and vitality to our lives.

    Never before has ancestral wisdom, enhanced consciousness and the unseen powers of sound been explored so deeply, by the the most intelligent minds in the world of therapeutic sound and vocal practises.

    And Never before has the time been so critical to relearn this wisdom and apply it in our lives!

    Access to Cutting-Edge Wisdom You Can Use in Your Own Life

    Simple practises and techniques you can easily learn ~ so you too may use sound and YOUR voice to transform and empower your life. Despite huge medical and technological advances, we are experiencing more challenges to our health than ever before. With the Healthcare system in crisis, isn’t it time you took your health back into your own hands?!

    Enjoy in the Comfort of Your Home

    Access the interviews from your computer, phone or tablet ~ watch in your own time and place ~ in the park, at the gym, while making dinner. Simply Made for You!

    Transformational Sound Therapy



    Explore the Wonders of Sound and the Voice

    Who is this summit for?

    • Anyone who wants to learn about sound and voice therapy, frequency, resonance, vibration and more
    • Anyone wishing to improve their mental or physical health using an holistic perspective
    • Anyone wishing to reclaim and empower their voice
    • Anyone who wants more inner power, more from themselves, and more from life
    • Parents who wish to gain more confidence and greater control and authority
    • Musicians who want to understand harmonic scales and music
    • Singers wanting to learn empowering techniques to improve their performance
    • Speakers who want greater influence in ‘the room’
    • Sound healers and voice therapists
    • Anyone who wants to enhance their presence
    • There are no entry requirements and no age restrictions – a keen and curious mind is all that is required!

    Is It for Me?

    • If you have unanswered questions about our resonant universe and how it relates to your health…
    • If you know there is more to life and want to reconnect with the part of you that exists ‘beyond the mind’…
    • If you feel it’s time to lift your vibration, harmonise your life, ignite your passion, reclaim your mojo and live life on your terms

    Then Yes! This summit is for you!



    “Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring experience”

    Katie L.B.

    “It’s just too good to be true! Fantastic content.”

    Jamie M.

    Meet Your Host

    JEN WILSON – Singer ~ Soundscape Designer ~ Sacred Sound and Soul Voice Guide


    Hi, I’m Jen Wilson and I decided to host the Transformational Sound Therapy Summit after discovering the multi-layered benefits of sound and voice healing when searching for healing from deep grief after suffering the traumatic loss of my partner and children’s Father.

    After many years purging my grief and slowly rebuilding my life, in my desire to understand burning questions as to why sound and our voice is effective in so many ways, I studied my BA (Hons) in Music Production, followed by my MSc in Therapeutic Sound and the Benefits of Therapeutic Sound and the Healing Powers of the Voice.

    But I still had some missing pieces of the puzzle. 

    In bringing together the world’s greatest minds in the field of therapeutic sound, we are able to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the miracle of life through the world of sound, vibration and frequency, that we may re-member, as our ancestors did before us, how to live in harmony with the world of nature, of which we are always One.

    Im happy you are here to join us on this profound and enlightening journey into the world of transformational sound and the healing voice, the medicine of the future ~ the keys to our health, well-being, vitality and abundance! 

    We’ve only just begun :)

    In Sonic Crystal Harmony
    Jen Wilson

    Amazing journey!

    Thank you so much for doing this and for bringing this important message to the world! It’s time!

    Mandara Cromwell //

    Just awesome!

    We’ve been on some kind of flight it feels like, and you made the magic carpet for us to fly on. Jen, your contribution has been huge, the feedback has been phenomenal.

    Dr. Thornton Streeter // 


    Transform and Empower Your Life


    Ancient Wisdom, Simple Science,

    Easy-to-use Practises and Techniques to

    Calm Your Mind, Harmonise Your Body, Enhance Your Health.

    Join us in this Exquisite Journey



    The Medicine of the Future