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Transformational Sound Therapy is a 14+ Day FREE online conference ~ bringing you 2 speakers every day … Each speakers interview is FREE to watch for 24 Hours – After that, your free access goes away! (We are super generous and kind souls here at TST, but we cannot afford to work for free!)

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  • Unlimited access to all our speakers interviews for ONE year
  • 40-60 min interviews of timeless wisdom, cutting edge knowledge and unique insights
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    One Years Access...

    to All Transformational Sound Therapy Interviews  ~ Plus Speakers Bonus Gifts ~ and New Speaker Interviews when available

    Why Do I Need a One Year Access Pass? 

    A Unique Gathering of Pioneers, Researchers and Trailblazers

    Weaving ancient practises with modern science and technology, our expert speakers reveal how we can restore health, wealth and vitality to our lives, using simple methods, tips and techniques with sound, frequency and the voice.

    Never before have the powers of sound and voice therapy been explored so deeply, by the the most intelligent minds in the world of therapeutic sound.

    And Never before has the time been so critical to relearn and apply this knowledge to your life!  So why wouldn’t you give yourself the gift of this wealth of empowering wisdom  


    World-Class Knowledge That Will Change Your Life!

    With your One Year Access Pass, you can deeply immerse in the cutting-edge wisdom and knowledge from our world-class speakers with no time constraints. All your unanswered questions about Universal harmony, Cymatics, geometry, binaural beats, vibrational medicine, cutting edge sound and voice technology, Indigenous practises, and so much more!

    Through their unending dedication and research, our experts know better than anyone, not only what works – but how it works!

    There has NEVER been a more critical time to Empower YOURSELF with the knowledge of how to reclaim your health, and transform and empower your life naturally, using sound, frequency and your own voice!

    Cutting Edge Wisdom You Can Use in Your Own Life

    Our experts bring you practises and techniques you can learn for yourself, using sound and your own voice to enhance, transform and empower YOUR life. With the Healthcare system in crisis, despite HUGE medical and technological advances, we are experiencing more illness and suffering than ever before. Isn’t it time you took your health back into your own hands?!


    Brilliant. Stunning.

    You are a genius and a Master of ceremonies. You have created a jewel that will go on shining … and will ring out across time

    Lawrence Bloom

    Be Earth Foundation

    Thanks Jen

    Blessings to you for this wonderful summit. You have done a really beautiful job.

    Your success shows that many people are hungry for this knowledge. I have lost count of the number of delegates who requested my article!

    John Stuart Reid // Cymascope

    A great achievement!

    ‪Constellating the call to dismantle old paradigm separateness, duality, aggressive competition and the violent response to conflict and fear through the transforming power of SOUND & VOICE at a crucial moment in the evolution of humanity Thankyou for this essential project, awakening hearts & minds to Self Remembrance through sound.

    Chloe Goodchild // The Naked Voice

    Brilliant summit

    Thanks Jen Wilson for bringing this brilliant summit together.
    It’s been a healing journ

    Susan Hale // Sing for the Trees

    One Year Access To World-Class Transformational Sound Therapy Interviews

    Learn how to transform and empower your life using

    ancient wisdom, simple science and easy-to-use techniques

    Join us in this exquisite journey in to

    Therapeutic SOUND and the VOICE

    ~ The Medicine of the Future ~

    Who is this conference for?

    • Anyone wishing to learn more about cutting edge sound and voice therapy, consciousness, magnetism, harmony, frequency, resonance, vibration and our ancestor’s rituals and practises
    • Anyone wishing to heal themselves using an holistic perspective
    • Anyone wishing to reclaim and empower their voice
    • Anyone who wants more from themselves, and more from life
    • Parents who wish to reclaim their voice, to gain control and confidence
    • Musicians who want to understand harmonic scales and music
    • Sound and voice therapists who have clients or groups
    • Sound and voice therapists who want to teach
    • There are no entry requirements and no age restrictions – a keen and curious mind is all that is required!
    What is the Transformational Sound Therapy One Year Access Pass?

    The One Year Access Pass gives you unlimited access to the VIP members area, all speakers interviews, past, present and future, audio MP3 files, bonus content, soundscapes, meditations and more to enjoy at your leisure for a whole year.

    What’s the difference between the Free Pass and One Year Access Pass?

    FREE Pass gives you access to 14+ days of interviews, for 24 hours each day, before the content is no longer accessible

    If you upgrade to the One Year Access Pass, you’ll get access to the VIP members area, all interviews, past, present and future, audio MP3 files, bonus content, soundscapes, meditations and more to enjoy at your leisure for a whole year.

    Is the summit completely online?

    Yes, it’s 100% online. As an All Access Pass holder, you can access everything online in a private members area at your own convenience.

    Can I access this material on my iPad, iPhone, or Mobile device?

    Yes! With the All Access Pass, you can watch any of the sessions on your mobile device for easy access, anytime, anywhere. The video sessions can be streamed inside the members area.

    What are your payment options?

    We accept all major credit cards, Stripe or PayPal. Should you have any problems with your payment: please contact us by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button below.

    What’s the return and cancellation policy?

    If you are not satisfied and decide the summit is not for you, we’ll refund your money within 30 days of purchase. Please tell us why the summit was not a good fit for you and what you expected that you did not get inside the program.

    Please refer to the terms and conditions HERE to apply for your refund. Thank you :)

    Meet your host

    JEN WILSON – Singer ~ Music Producer ~ Sacred Sound Alchemist ~ Soul Voice Empowerment Guide


    Hi, I’m Jen Wilson and I decided to host the Transformational Sound Therapy Summit after I discovered the multi-layered benefits of sound and voice healing while searching for respite from deep grief after suffering the traumatic loss of my partner and children’s Father.

    After many years purging my grief and slowly rebuilding my life, in my desire to understand burning questions as to why sound and our voice is so effective in so many ways, I studied my BA (Hons) in Music Production, followed by my MSc in Therapeutic Sound and the Therapeutic Benefits of Sound.

    But I still had some missing pieces of the puzzle.


    In bringing together the world’s greatest minds in the field of therapeutic sound and the voice, we are able to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the miracle of life; that we may re-member, as our ancestors once did, how to live in harmony with the world of which we are a part.

    Im so happy you are here to join us on this profound and enlightening journey into the world of transformational sound and voice therapy, the medicine of the future ~ the keys to our health, well-being, vitality and abundance!

    We’ve only just begun :)

    Sonic Crystal Blessings
    Jen Wilson

    Amazing journey!

    Thank you so much for doing this and for bringing this important message to the world! It’s time!


    Mandara Cromwell // Summit speaker

    Just awesome!

    We’ve been on some kind of flight, it feels like, and you made the magic carpet somehow, for us to fly on. Jen, your contribution has been huge, the feedback has been phenomenal.

    Dr. Thornton Streeter // Summit speaker

    One Year Access To World-Class Transformational Sound Therapy Interviews

    Learn how to transform and empower your life using

    ancient wisdom, simple science and

    easy-to-use practises and techniques

    Join us in this exquisite journey in to

    SOUND and the VOICE

    ~ The Medicine of the Future ~

    Medical Disclaimer

    The information on this site, and in any content, interviews or other materials within these pages, is for education and entertainment purposes only. Nothing on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition of any nature, and shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise.  Always consult your doctor before implementing any changes to your lifestyle and health practices.