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Universal Sound Channel and Author

Anthea Durand

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Session Topic: Shamanism and Evolving Consciousness

In shamanic rituals the drum takes people to a deep place, where combined with the power of song in alignment with spirit, heals, clears and transforms ancestral wounding on a deeper level. Connecting indigenous knowledge with the evolving wisdom and energy of our time,

When your body is like a crystal, you can learn to manifest sounds which help the earth and help us to find our gifts. Look at the shadow and aspects that no longer serve, the shadow of humanity, let go of ancestral patterns, face fear of change, embrace new frequencies, new energies that the earth is moving through.

Sound transmutes all pain and reharmonises everything with love, where we may embody and manifest more of our source self. Ritual acknowledges and supports nature and our ancestors, enabling us to access our shadow, grief and oneness. It is so important to bring ritual to young people.

Anthea says shamanic sound takes us to the origin of the distortion where the vibration can truly be changed. Wonderful powerful wisdom from this amazing lady.

Anthea Durand

Anthea Durand is an international Spiritual Teacher, Shaman and Alchemist, writer and musician. She has a BA Honours in Social Sciences, and has over 15 years experience working as a spiritual teacher. She has trained with shamans in America, Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala and Nepal, including shamanic teachers Hank Wesselman, Serge Khahili  King and Elliott Cowan.

She worked with Tareth, one of our summit speakers, who Anthea says is an ‘extraordinary teacher of Alchemy, bringing pure teachings of love, connected to the Christ Consciousness,’ where she says she aligned with ancient energies, developing the ability to tap into past life wisdom, and to be in direct communication with everything around her.

Anthea went on to develop the ability to manifest sounds of creation, working with the drum and rattle, and sound transmissions via her voice, which she says helps others to connect to the sounds of the universe. She produced her first album of manifested sounds “Sounds Are Awakening” in 2018

Anthea is a pioneer of the Ancestral Healing Practitioner training, helping many people to heal ancestral patterns. She is currently in meetings with Genetic Scientists with the aim of pursuing a scientific study, using epigenetics to show the influence of ancestral healing on gene behaviour.

She is currently studying Astrology, written her first book and is looking forward to bringing further teachings to aid and support humanities evolution and healing.

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