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Arthur Samuel Joseph

Vocal Awareness

“Voice is the only artistic experience which is both finite and infinite at the same time. It is fallible and fragile, gone in an instant, unseen, only felt.” Deep, profound wisdom, exploring effortless performance, mindful ritual, stature, presence & vocal awareness. Divine insights from a wonderful man. The world’s foremost communication strategist and authority on the human voice, Arthur has coached Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Faye Dunaway, singers, actors, performers, presenters, and a holocaust survivor. .

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Arthur Samuel Joseph M.A., is the founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, from where he mentors his voice and leadership training program. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost communication strategists and authorities on the human voice.

Arthur has taught globally for over five decades. His varied client list includes national and international leaders in politics, business, entertainment and broadcasting, the hospitality industries as well as world-class athletes, motivational speakers, life coaches, noted actors, singers and other luminaries of the stage and screen.

Formerly on the faculty at the University of Southern California School of Theatre, he has been a visiting artist at both Yale and George Washington Universities, and visiting professor in the New York University Graduate Extension program, among many others nationally and internationally.

As well as assisting a myriad of stars, Arthur has also helped a Holocaust survivor to gain the ability to share her story; a client struggling with spasmodic dysphonia who discovered his singing voice, while healing his communication challenge; and the incredible joy of teaching the deaf to sing.

Earning his MA in music, philosophy and psychology, Mr. Joseph teaches online classes, private classes one to ones and speech coaching and he travels the world teaching Vocal Awareness. He has been voted the “Best of the Best” by the Young Presidents Organization.

He has produced multiple CDs and DVDs, on-line courses and he is the author of 5 books. Mr Joseph says his Mission has always been to help all those he works with to achieve their own enlightenment and enjoy their own empowerment.

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