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Casey Attebery

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Session Topic: Cymatics & Beyond

Casey, otherwise known as Mr. E-Scholar, earned both a BSc in Mathematics/Physics and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Northern Arizona University, generating original research on algebraic projections of higher-dimensional graphs and polytopes.

He is a published and cited mathematician with over 15 years of teaching at every level of education from pre-K to undergraduate mathematics courses with experience in colleges and universities, homeschooling, Waldorf and Montessori education, the Reggio Emilia approach, and discovery-driven emergent curricula.

When Casey isn’t spending time teaching others through daily experience, he is deep in research and development in the field of cymatics and acoustics. He has been independent math and acoustical physics research scientist for nearly two decades, studying concepts from quantum computation to cymatics and fluid dynamics.

Casey first began experimenting with laser cymatics in 2012 when he found a video by Nathan J Wall on Youtube (you can see this inspirational video HERE); since then he has been teaching cymatics in just about every way imaginable from classes in geometry and physics to discussions in philosophy and art.

Aside from developing applications for the results found in cymatics experiments, Casey also enjoys composing therapeutic music based on something he calls “phinaural” beats.

Finally, in addition to graphic design, Casey also brings software design and coding to the team with experience in Arduino, MatLab, MAGMA, Mathematica, C++, Python, iOS, Android and Java.

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