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Dale Pond
Innovator, Inventor, Researcher and Author

Dale Pond

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Session Topic: Harmony And Discord

These two states of energy are at the core of every thing and event.

 Harmony is health (love)
. Discord is disease (fear). 

Our natural state is harmony.  Love is harmony and harmony is health. Discord only comes about when there is no love. Discord is fear and fear induces ill health.

Everything vibrates – that is the physics of vibrations, whether we term these concepts, sympathetic vibration, or quantum entanglement, its the same process in different levels of matter and energy.

Sympathetic vibration is a fancy word for love. There is a technical reason and a solid vibratory phenomena backing up the concept and the common romantic saying, that the universe is made of love.
 And this is why a perpetual state of gratitude is vital so that we are not negatively modulating all the things around us which then reverberate out into our community and universe.

Love is a virtual attribute of sympathy – it is everywhere all the time.. sympathy between centres is all connected – it doesn’t come from anywhere, it just is – it is omnipresent.

Whether you are religious or not- We are Created in his image, We are God – We are Creators!


Dale Pond is a renaissance man with a diversified background in many fields including .chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, metal working and tool making, computers, mathematics, acoustics, hydrodynamics, geometry, music, and common law. (Universal law!)

AN author and lecturer, he has written over twenty books, published many scientific and philosophical journals and papers. His writings recount a lifetime of adventure, psychic events, prophetic dreams and feelings of divine protection. Dale has presented workshops and seminars including at the Swiss Association for Free Energy Conference, International Keely Conferences, Sound and Vibration Conference, International Symposium on New Science, International Forum on New Energy, United States Psychotronics Association Conference, the Alchemy of Sound Conference, Science and Consciousness Conferences, TeslaTech Conferences and many others.

Dale showed a natural affinity for science when he memorized the periodic table at age ten.

Spurred by a fascination with Keely’s work, Dale is resurrecting the lost technology, sacred science, philosophy and art discovered by John W. Keely and Walter Russell through the reconstruction and investigation of Keely’s original Musical Dynaspheres.
In 1995, Dale built the first Musical Dynasphere the world had seen since Keely’s prototype. Dale claims this was only possible with the active participation of John Keely himself, transmitting information through psychic intuitive Dawn Stranges.

Dale is the founder of The Pond Science Institute in Colorado, dedicated to the study and application of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. At the leading edge of new paradigm thinking, Dale has been able to show that vibration/ oscillation is the principle underlying all things, and is the connecting link between spirit, Mind and matter – the magic key for creating new experiences, worlds and universes.

Dale states, “Mind Force and Love are real forces and are engineerable and applicable through technology and psychology (personal development).”

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