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Circle of Sound
Founder of 432 Crystal Singing Bowl Orchestra

Daniel Brower

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Session Topic: Circle of Sound

The Circle of Sound began playing crystal bowls, with the intention of balancing the Energies of Heaven with the Energies of Mother Earth, which continues to be the basis of all our work. We sound in harmony with the Angels who sang long ago: “Peace on earth, goodwill for all.”

“Our purpose for the Circle of Sound is to raise the Vibration of Everything.
We believe that it is our responsibility to create the changes we want, and need, to move to the New Paradigm, the New Humanity, the Crystal Age.”

A crystal bowl player for more than 20 years, Daniel has used Rife frequencies with crystal singing bowls which can be used to heal everything from nasal polyp to dementia to cancer.

His 432 crystal orchestra plays  around the world, while his Circle of sound plays concerts and ceremonies at equinox and solstice.

Daniel started the Circle of Sound in 2002, which originated on the island of Vashon, near Seattle, Washington, USA, and became the only world-wide family of crystal bowl players in 2004. He began the Crystal 432 Orchestra in 2012 in Argentina where he lives. Orquesta Cristal 432 is the only orchestra of crystal bowls tuning the bowls in 432. Since 2013, they have shared concerts in various places in Argentina, also adding guitar, pan pipes and vocals to make their own version of various songs.

Using Rife’s work as a reference point, in his recent Good Frequencies project Daniel has recorded various frequencies with the crystal bowls and used them to construct combinations of frequencies which can be beneficial for certain ailments.

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