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Visionary, Innovator, Creative, Engineer

David Schiermeyer

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Session Topic: LIFE: Life Living information of Functional Energy

Cymatics reveals to us the nature of reality. Davids experiments show us how we can learn to control our life through cymatics. Looking at light language through frequencies and cymatics, we can learn how to tune ourselves using our voice, and how to tone ourselves down. We can harmonise our voice, learn to control ourself, our health and our reality. We can become mindful of our vibration, our tone, our volume, and understand how our vibration affects everything. When we see it, we can learn to control it.

We need to accept and be mindful of reality as it truly is – not what someone has told us it is, or what we have read about it, or misconceived it to be. When we stop wanting to change our perception we know we are love. When we know all is magnetism we can be harmony.

Healing comes when we attune to what we already are. We can create whatever we want with our own vibration. This is physics. It is about the experience. We need to stop relying on books and get away from the mind – We need to get back into the heart.

Through cymatics experiments, we are very close to dimensional sound visualisation and David says he can not express enough how important frequencies are to our existence.
The reality is everything is singularity – not a single cycle but billions of cycles – that needs to be balanced and experienced as a single energy within billions of frequencies. To grasp this we must understand sound and frequencies are not only waves but vortex’s and spheres.

Sound and frequencies are this reality and we are only its experience, its creation, its cycles and its balance. The reality of frequencies and vibrations is the true living information of cycles and balance


David was raised catholic and had to read the bible everyday – where he learnt to read through the lines and saw the metaphor in the stories, He gave up thinking there was a God at age 11 and did not really believe in anything, but as time went on, he saw the reality of a real force and understanding in magnetism, how it is and what it is… and after seeing that, it became clear to him, that if this force is in absolutely everything, and it’s real force, not a theory or an idea, he realized this was the way to make life easy to understand and to live.

He has built instruments from tesla coils, vortex coils to tone generators, plasma drivers and frequency generators. His most recent experiments involve frequencies and cymatics where David has been able to reveal the secrets of life though the patterns forming in the liquid, to a much intrigued audience

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