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Ancient Egypt Sound Researcher, Detox and Nutrition Expert

Don Tolman

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Session Topic: Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians & White Stone Carillon Crystal Bowls

Don Tolman takes us on a fascinating journey into how ancient wisdom tells of walking the rainbow bridge, through the 7 colours of light, food and sound, where, at the end we will find the pot of gold, which is a symbol of our vessel, our body, in its highest form. the 7 notes of the octave, the 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 body systems, 7 vowels, 7 days of the week, the 7 continents and 7 seas.

Don reveals the secrets of Ancient Egypt and their White Stone Carillon crystal singing bowls, precision built, using sacred proportions, aligned with the pyramids, to ensure maximum resonance and healing benefits.


CowBoy Don Tolman is a loved and admired author & speaker who spent 20 years on a personal quest to uncover wisdom from past ages, reading many ancient and arcane collections of Healers of the past. He now teaches the Wisdom of the Ancients, helping people to be their own Physicians and Doctors, using plants, natural whole foods and sound as our medicine.

His Personal Development programs are called, Self-Care: a Basecamp for Health & Healing, Self-Education: a BootCamp for Imagination, Creativity and Memory at the Speed of Sight, and Self-Governance: to have the Rights to Live your Life the way you Choose! 

Sharing his discoveries around the world for 50 years, Don has been featured on TV, radio, and news stations, inc Fox, NBC, Good Morning America, Earl Nightingale, Phil Donahue, The New York Times and USA Today.

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