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​Inventor of CymaScope, Acoustic Engineer, Researcher

John Stuart Reid

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Session Topic: The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound

In this fascinating interview, John Stuart Reid explains how sound is made, how it propagates in bubbles, how our perception of a “soundwave” is outdated, what holographic sound is, and how our songs reach the stars.

John shares how an Acoustic experiment in the Great Pyramid inspired him to make the CymaScope, his groundbreaking, cutting edge, technological instrument which makes sound visible, and is changing the way we approach, not only healing ourselves, but how we view life as a whole.

John’s new working hypotheses investigates how the body uptakes sound, forming Cymatic patterns on the membrane of our cells, which trigger the body’s healing response, helping the cells to “wake up’ from the ‘sleep state,’ which is the root of many dis-eases.  We learn how the Primary Cillia may act like tuning forks, showing that cells are sensitive to frequencies, how every atom contains all the vibrational information relating to our unique voice, how singing has been proven to heal our DNA, why the gong is the best sound healing instrument, and the real reason we need to choose our company wisely!


John Stuart Reid is an English acoustic physics researcher. He has studied the world of sound for most of his life and and is one of only two men to have carried out an acoustics study of the Great Pyramid. John is the inventor of the CymaScope, an instrument that imprints sound onto a water membrane, thereby making sound visible. His work is inspired by acoustic pioneers, Michael Faraday, Ernst Chladni, Mary D. Waller and Hans Jenny and he has taken their research to a whole new – and technological, scientific – level.

His web site, is a rich resource of information regarding the emergent science of cymatics–which is visible sound–for which he is considered a global authority. As well as continuing to delve ever deeper to push the boundaries of the science of sound – John speaks extensively on his findings to audiences across the world.

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