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Director of International Association of Sound Therapy

Nestor Kornblum

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Session Topic: Overtone Singing: Sounding the Mathematics of Creation

Nestor Kornblum is an internationally renowned Sound Therapist and Overtone singer who has personally  pioneered the introduction of Overtone Singing in several countries.

Since 1995, Nestor has explored and practiced the ancient art of Overtone Singing, also called Vocal Harmonic singing, with particular attention to its therapeutic and meditational uses. An accomplished teacher, he has now taught thousands of people the techniques of overtone singing and Sound Healing on 5 continents. He is author of the acclaimed guidebook on overtone singing with CD “Overtone Chant-the Practical Guide” and several CDs of healing and meditational music.

Together with his wife and partner in Sound, Michele Averard, Nestor has facilitated one of the longest-running Sound Therapy Training courses in Europe, designed to empower participants to practice as Sound Therapists and incorporate sound healing into their other therapeutic modalities. Michele and Nestor together developed this well-balanced and all-round training in voice and other sound healing tools and instruments.

Nestor facilitates regular Diploma Training courses on sound healing, overtone singing and sound as a tool for personal and planetary transformation in English and Spanish,. Many of his courses are held in The Dome Center in Spain. The Dome is a large hemispheric structure especially designed by Nestor and his partner Michele, for its spectacular acoustics that amplify the subtle tones of the voice and acoustic instruments.

Due to his knowledge and ability to sing audibly the Overtone Series (Harmonic Scale), he has lectured and given Master Classes in many Universities and Music Schools.

Together with Michele he has also produced several CDs of healing and meditational music. The CDs have received acclaim from therapists in all areas of healing and transformation for their ability to create states of deep relaxation, stress release and healing on the physical, energetic, and mental levels.

Nestor is an eloquent and charismatic speaker and teacher, able to express complex concepts in easily understood terms, with plenty of humour, and is no stranger to large audiences. He is thoroughly versed in the science and practice of Sound as a healing modality.

Nestor plays a variety of instruments including didgeridoo, monochord, tanpura, jaw’s harp, overtone flute, Native American flute, musical mouth-bow and assorted percussion.

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