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Rich Merrick
​Harmonic Interference

Rich Merrick

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Session Topic:

In this fascinating interview, Rich talks about harmonic standing waves, the Golden spiral as a foundation for harmony, resonating planets producing the Music of the Spheres, and how a larger pattern does indeed appear to be guiding evolution.

Rich shares how everything from atoms to galaxies, contain harmonic liquid crystals, which can assist meditation, help us to balance emotions, and heal the body. In this interview, you will find many gems of inspiring insights into our harmonic Universe.. join us on this fascinating journey through harmonic interference, standing waves and the Venus Blueprint, the cosmic flower of life woven in the skies by our planet of love.


Richard Merrick is a software and digital media entrepreneur, interactive producer, musician, artist and writer. He is best known as the technology founder and CEO of 7th Level (NASD: SEVL), an international game and multimedia developer of the 1990’s, and founder/ CEO of Postfuture, an Inc 500 Internet communications technology company of the 2000’s.

He has designed and produced interactive titles and web sites with Monty Python, Disney and Ubisoft, and assisted consumer brands such as Best Buy and Microsoft with their online communication strategies. Since retiring from the bigshot corporate game in 2006, he has written several books and articles pertaining to harmonic science, spanning topics from music perception and evolution to temple architecture and ancient religion.

Richard holds BA (magna cum laude) and MSCS degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas. To learn more, visit

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