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Susan Hale
Emma Oliver and Earth Day

Susan Elizabeth Hale

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Session Topic:

Susan’s message is delightful, simple, poignant, and gravely important. She shares her reasons behind Earth Day – Singing for the Trees, and behind writing her beautiful book, Emma Oliver, about remembering the voice of our inner child, healing that place within, and singing the song of creation.

Susan brings a deeply moving and powerful message for all of us in a critical time on our planet. Her message is ultimately, the message for the summit. We must now become our own healers, find our own voice, and be the voice of the Earth, if we are to save the Earth from further destruction. The Earth needs our voices now! It is time to reclaim our truth, our health, our Divinity, and our birthright to fully be and truly express who we are.


Susan Elizabeth Hale M.A. is a pioneer in the fields of Music Therapy and Vocal Toning.
From1980 onwards she has circled the Earth with song teaching thousands of people to find and free their natural voices. Susan was creator of Earth Day-Sing for the Trees, which she has now handed the baton on to a new guardian. Since 2010 over 10,000 people in 45 countries participated in this annual global event.

Susan is the author of the juvenile fiction novel Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation (2007, Our Street Books) and Sacred Space Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places (1997, Quest Books)

American born, she now lives in the Malvern hills in England with her husband Ian where they are involved with perpetual choirs, ancient yew trees and singing with children in schools.

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