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Transformational Sound Therapy Summit member

Speakers lineup 2023

Universal Harmony

Casey Attebery

Cymatics & Beyond

Cymatics imaging in A/V sensory spaces. Harmony, Bio-metrics, brainwave entrainment & heartbeat monitoring.

MarySOL Gonzalez Sterling

Silent UltraViolet and Invisible UltraSound

The true octave of light. How sound and light can transform our health.

Chung Fu

Divine Sound

Divine Essence, Universal Harmony, Music of the Spheres, Sound and Light, the Soul Song and more

Don Estes

Sensory Resonance

Neuro-technology to synchronize the major sensory mechanisms and reset the Autonomic Nervous System into coherence and resonance

Randy Masters

Universal Song

Healing frequencies, sacred harmonic relationships and geometry in nature

David Schiermeyer

LIFE: Life Living information of Functional Energy

Sound, frequency, light and vibration. Cymatics reveal how we create our reality

Michiko Hayashi

Emoto Peace Project

Water has consciousness and memory. Raising our vibration, brings harmony and peace to the world

Ancient Wisdom And Indigenous Practises

Jill Mattson

How Our Ancestors Used Sacred Sound and the Voice

Secrets of acoustics and geometry within our stone circles and sacred temples

Don Tolman

Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians & White Stone Carillon Crystal Bowls

Ancient wisdom, Egyptian knowledge and crystal sound - a path to health

Anthea Durand

Shamanism and Evolving Consciousness

Clearing ancestral wounding using Indigenous ritual and modern wisdom

Susan Alexjander

Macro/microcosmic Music, from DNA to black holes

Harmonic soundscapes from nature, the world around, and within us


The Sound of the Soul

Hearing and manifesting the primordial sound within all living things

Ancient And Modern Therapeutic Sound

Don Conreaux


Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance, Gong Therapy ~ the power, magic, art and science of Gong and Gong Consciousness

Lyz Cooper

An Interview with Lyz Cooper

Sound and music as a therapeutic tool. 'Sonic vitamins' for beneficial psychological states

John White

Rife Frequency Healing

Energy and scalar resonance healing. Biofeedback and PEMF therapy.

Clive de Carle

Tesla and healing frequencies

Vintage Tesla high-frequency devices. Restoring health naturally

Mandara Cromwell


Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device: De-stress and harmonise the cells for health

Gary Ferguson

Pathways for Veterans

Binaural beats and music therapy: Successful treatment for PTSD

Maestro Satya Brat

International Academy of Sound Healing

Chakras, singing bowls and meditation. Aum and the Vedas. We ARE sound

Tobias Kaye

​Sounding Bowls

Fibonacci overtones: to help disabilities, dementia, blood pressure and heart rate

Ancient And Modern Vocal Practises

Nestor Kornblum

Overtone Singing: Sounding the Mathematics of Creation

Overtone Singing and Harmonic Ratios for restoring balance and coherence

John Stuart Reid

The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound

Biology and Cymatics, holographic sound and singing for DNA healing

Sharry Edwards

Bio-Acoustic Biology and nanoVoice Profiling

Frequency attunement, holographic health and the authentic voice

James D’Angelo

​The Yoga of Vocal Sound

Toning vowel sounds to retune chakras and organs, restore health and well-being

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